How it Works

Our Process

  • Initial
  • Idea &
  • Design &
  • Build &

The first stage of the process is the initial consultation, or in industry terms, “programming”.

This is where your designer learns of your interests, your ideas, and your vision.

This will include an in-person meeting where the site of service can be evaluated.
You can share images of concepts that express what you want to establish in your own space.

Once a generalised concept is drafted, a detailed quote for the project will be emailed to you.

In this stage, there will be phone calls, emails, and meetings. We will determine your specific needs and details. 3D concepts will be constructed for evaluation if required. Based on the scope of the project, we will determine who is needed on the team to execute the project. This may include builders, plumbers, electricians, carpet installers, handymen, etc.

In this stage, the ideas and concepts are formed into a concrete design. The designers, contractors and all involved parties are ensured to be on the same page before the project commences.

In this state, the final design is built. All the weeks of planning culminate in the physical completion of the project.