Directors Message

Director’s Message

Hello!  Thank you for visiting our webpage!  I am Eleena Makey, the founder and owner of EL Home Designs.  When I stepped into the beautiful world of motherhood, I was introduced to many new things, one of which was interior designing. 

I was an ER nurse for over 5 years, during which time, I helped with decorating several events including weddings and receptions which was effortless as it came innately to me.  I also did restyling in my own home.  I recall one time, as I was redesigning my living room, I could not find a curtain to match the rest of the room so I sewed, by hand, a curtain that took seven hours to complete in order to match my vision board.  As I did more, I found my true calling in designing beautiful spaces.  Going forward, I started working with an interior designer who has been in the industry for over 40 years to learn about the practical side of the business and also graduated from The Interior Design Institute.  Having these experiences, the transition to interior designing became seamless. 

I believe that the interior space of our home determines our mood and shapes our personality and numerous studies strongly validate that notion.

With my Manager

Meet my multifaceted Manager, Melvin. He is accountable, talented, and has a great problem solving approach. To be more precise, he is a tremendous asset to the EL Home Design team.